Five-Day Trip
Beautiful North
Sample Menu




Day 1


Cold roast chicken
or Lentil salad Tomatoes, feta,
fresh herb salad
Fresh Rolls
Butter Tarts

Day 2

Tang, coffee, tea
Scrambled eggs, bacon or veggie slices,
English muffins
Fresh fruit -- cantaloupe

Bread, cheese
and cold cuts
Cucumber, tomatoes, onions
Optional --
peanut butter or jam

Tacos and burritos
Refried beans and grated cheese
Red and green peppers, onions,
Fresh guacamole
Campfire cheese cake

Day 3

Tang, coffee, tea
Cheerios or granola with powdered milk
Dried fruit (cherries, raisins, cranberries)
Fresh fruit -- oranges

Bagels, cheese
and cold cuts
Red and green
pepper, onions
Optional --
peanut butter or jam

Cheese and celery sticks
Pesto and spaghetti
Greek salad
Fig Newton’s and digestible cookies

Day 4

Tang, coffee, tea
Pancakes, maple syrup
Dried fruit -- mangoes

Pita, hummus, tabouli
Green pepper, celery sticks
Optional --
peanut butter or jam

Rice cakes and olive spread
Rice and beans
Vegetarian curries
Chocolate pudding

Day 5

Tang, coffee, tea
Hot cereal or granola, powdered milk,
Dried fruit (cherries, raisins, cranberries)

Crackers, cheese and cold cuts
Carrot and celery sticks
Optional -- peanut butter or jam


Daily Snacks

Juice drinks – Gatorade, fruit punch, peach drink

Sweet – chocolate covered almonds and raisins, granola bars,
Savoury – almonds, sesame snacks,
Dried fruit – apricots, apples, mangoes, dates

Evening Snacks and teas