Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What do I need to bring?
A. Once you have registered, we will send you a detailed checklist of the clothing and personal items you will want to bring. It is likely that you own everything you will need for the trip. You will be required to bring a lightweight sleeping bag. We will be happy to provide advice regarding choices or purchases you might want to make.

Q. Will I have to sleep on the ground?
A. Yes, but we you will have a comfortable, inflatable therma-rest mattress.

Q. Do I need to carry a canoe?
A. Only if you want to. Canoes weigh between 40 and 75 pounds and are hard to balance. So if you like heavy things on your back, or you are interested in trying, you can portage a canoe. If not, we will do it.


Q. How bad will the bugs be?
A. Black fly season is over by early July and mosquitoes can usually be kept at bay with natural and not so natural bug repellant. A bug shirt complete with hood is a good investment particularly if you are taking a trip in June or July. All the tents we provide are 100% bug proof.

Q. What if I have specific dietary needs?
A. Most of our meals are vegetarian and a vegetarian option is always offered. Once you register we will send you a detailed food and we will do our best to accommodate your needs and preferences.


Q. Is it safe to drink the water?
A. All water consumed on our trips is purified, boiled or filtered to ensure safety.

Q. What about bears?
A. It is rare to encounter a bear in the wilderness and in those cases, the bear is almost always the first one to flee. But we take every precaution to ensure that bears stay away by keeping our camp sites clean, storing food in bear proof barrels and making sure there is no food in the tents at any time.