Clothing and Equipment List


  • 2 short sleeve T-shirts: light weight quick dry synthetic, or cotton
  • long sleeve T-shirt: light weight synthetic or cotton
  • long sleeve cotton or synthetic jersey, or fleece sweat shirt
  • quick drying pants: nylon, synthetic or light cotton (not jeans)
  • one or two pair quick dry shorts: synthetic or cotton
  • underwear: one pair for each day
  • socks: one pair for each day, preferably wool or synthetic
  • long underwear: tops & bottoms (can be leggings and long sleeved jersey)
  • bathing suit
  • light jacket or wind breaker (if it is waterproof you don’t need rain jacket)
  • waterproof rain jacket and rain pants (tops and bottoms)
  • full brimmed hat
  • closed toe shoes that can get wet (runners or water shoes)
  • close toe shoes that stay dry (runners or light hiking boots)


  • pajamas
  • bandana
  • paddling gloves
  • gloves and toque for cold weather
  • tank tops
  • bug shirt (the most effective way to prevent insects from getting to you)


  • sleeping bag
  • inflatable closed-cell sleeping mat
  • empty pillow case (to make a pillow)
  • sunglasses (with attached cord)
  • sunscreen
  • lip balm with sunscreen
  • water bottle (wide-mouthed)
  • personal toiletries kit (tooth brush, toothpaste, biodegradable soap, contact lens solution, and skin moisturizer or cream)
  • sheet: for sleeping in hot weather (optional)
  • flashlight
  • Camera, mini-binoculars, compass, Swiss Army knife (optional)
  • book(s), notepad and pens, song books and/or instruments (optional)
  • insect repellant (optional)